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The State of Data as a Product with Jen Tedrow

Jen Tedrow
Executive Director
Pathfinder Product

Episode Overview

Jen Tedrow, Executive Director of Pathfinder Product, joins us to share how leveraging data as a product benefits organizations and allows them to get the most out of their data. We also discuss the motivation for The State of Data as a Product in the Real-World Survey, a partnership between Pathfinder and DataConnect with the goal of understanding the evolving landscape of 'data as a product' across industries.

Respondents to the The State of Data as a Product in the Real-World Survey will gain early access to survey results and will be entered to win special prizes, like one of 4 passes to the 2024 DataConnect or a free workshop/coaching session from Pathfinder Product.

About Jen

Jen Tedrow is an accomplished product leader with over ten years of experience across a diverse range of industries, in companies from early-stage startups to Fortune 500.

As Executive Director at Pathfinder Product, Jen leads a team of product managers while helping clients achieve successful business outcomes. Her expertise spans multiple industries such as logistics, retail, and healthcare IT, including innovative work at companies such as Gap, Inc., Updox, and CoverMyMeds. Her ability to apply data-driven insights to decision-making has been critical to realizing success for organizations, including two startup exits.

Some of Jen’s most notable achievements as a data-driven product professional include a data mesh implementation for a large healthcare IT enterprise, supporting internal BI & analytics for a large retailer, and managing the customer-facing analytics product for a transportation management system.

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