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Building and Growing a Personal Brand in Data with Kate Strachnyi

Kate Strachnyi

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Episode Overview

Kate Strachnyi, Founder of DATAcated and Author of ColorWise, joins host Lauren Burke live on stage at the 2023 DataConnect Conference to discuss the value of a strong personal brand and how to get started in growing your own.

About Kate

Kate Strachnyi is the Founder of DATAcated, providing brand amplification for companies focused on artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and data science. She’s also the founder of the DATAcated Circle – a community of data professionals and hub for courses on data visualization best practices, data storytelling, and dashboarding. She’s delivered several courses on data storytelling, dashboard techniques and visual best practices. Additionally, Kate is the host of the DATAcated Conference and the DATAcated On Air Podcast. She is the author of ColorWise: A Data Storyteller's Guide to the Intentional Use of Color. Kate was appointed a LinkedIn Top Voice of Data Science & Analytics in 2018 & 2019; she is also a LinkedIn Learning instructor. Kate is on the DataIQ 100 USA list in 2022. She’s the mother of two girls and enjoys running, hiking, and obstacle course races.

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