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Chem Ph.D. to Social Impact Data Science with Leah Bowers

Leah Bowers
Lead Consultant, Data-Driven Strategy
Sangfroid Strategy

Episode Overview

Leah Bowers, Lead Consultant of Data-driven Strategy at Sangfroid Strategy, joins us to discuss her transition from a PhD in Physical Chemistry to her newest role using data to drive social impact in the non-profit space. We also cover her advice for job searching and finding a role you are truly passionate about.

About Leah

Leah Bowers is a solution-driven, data strategy analyst with 7+ years of computational research, data analysis experience, and has interests that spread the gamut! In graduate school for chemistry, Leah led a graduate rights group that developed, distributed, and analyzed a survey that assessed how chemistry and physics students and postdocs felt in their departments and lab groups. The results were striking and forced the department to create department-funded support groups,.

Seeing the power of people-centered analytics, going through COVID, and experiencing the renewed fire of the Black Lives Matter Movement, Leah graduated with her PhD in the summer of 2020 and shifted her career aspirations from academics to one that created more immediate positive impact.As Leah moved from Chapel Hill, NC to Pittsburgh, PA to Princeton, NJ to Brooklyn, NY, she's helped grassroots direct democracy ballot initiatives, renovate local community spaces, carry out COVID vaccine drives, and expand transportation access for senior neighbors.

After a very intentional job search, Leah now works at Sangfroid Strategy as a Lead Consultant in data-driven strategy for social impact, non-profit clients in Cleveland. Every day, she gets to utilize her mutual aid experience with her expertise in research, data analytics, and programming to help grow Sangfroid Strategy's own data infrastructure and that of our clients to drive further positive, sustainable impact.

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