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How to Advance Your Data Career with Riesling Walker

Riesling Walker
Data Science Manager
Home Depot

Episode Overview

Riesling Walker, Data Science Manager at Home Depot, joins us to discuss her data career path and the insights she's learned along the way. She shares her advice on how and when to change roles, and her recommendations to set yourself up for success when planning to make a move. We also explore how analytics differs across industries.

 About Riesling

Riesling Walker is a Data Science Manager at Home Depot within the Merchandise Execution Team. Riesling was previously a Senior Data and Applied Scientist at Microsoft and is a recent graduate of the Georgia Tech Online Masters in Analytics. In her analytics and data science career, she has worked in online retail, store-side retail, credit cards, B2B, SaaS, product, and marketing, giving her a diverse set of experiences.

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