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Data Governance & Management for Modern Orgs with Shinji Kim

Shinji Kim
Founder & CEO
Select Star

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Episode Overview

Shinji Kim, Founder and CEO of Select Star, joins us to discuss what it means to govern and manage data in modern organizations, and how companies can set themselves up for success when getting started.

This episode was recorded live at the 2022 DataConnect Conference. Special thank you to WIA Advisory Board Member Dave Cherry for assistance in preparation.

About Shinji Kim

Shinji is the Founder & CEO of Select Star, an automated data discovery platform that helps you understand your data. Previously, she was the CEO of Concord Systems (concord.io), a NYC-based data infrastructure startup acquired by Akamai Technologies in 2016. She led building Akamai’s new IoT data platform for real-time messaging, log processing, and edge computing. Shinji studied Software Engineering at University of Waterloo and General Management at Stanford GSB. She advises early stage startups on product strategy, customer development, and company building.

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