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Leadership, Followership & The Value of Mutual Support in Career Journeys

Meghan Anzelc & Christina Fernandes-D'Souza
Three Arc Advisory

Episode Overview

In this episode, we're joined by Meghan Anzelc, Chief Data & Analytics Officer at Three Arc Advisory, and Christina Fernandes-D'Souza, Director of Data Science at Three Arc Advisory. They share how they've supported each other through their individual and interconnected career journeys as we discuss the value of mutual support, continued mentorship, sponsorship, and followership.

About Meghan

Meghan Anzelc, Ph.D. is an experienced executive in driving positive business impact through the use of data, artificial intelligence and technology. Previously Global Head of Data & Analytics at Spencer Stuart and Chief Analytics Officer at AXIS Capital, Dr. Anzelc is skilled at determining how existing and emerging technologies can be applied to business problems and providing jargon-free guidance to senior executives on technology and digital strategy and decision trade-offs. Dr. Anzelc currently serves as an Advisor to startups, served on the board and as chair of the Nom/Gov Committee of the Chicago Literacy Alliance, on the Grantmaking Committee of the Chicago Foundation for Women's Young Women's Giving Council, on the Steering Committee of the Women in Insurance Networking Group, and as an Advisory Board member to the American Physical Society's Advancing Graduate Leadership initiative. She holds a Master’s and PhD in Physics and Astronomy from Northwestern University and a Bachelor’s in Physics from Loyola University Chicago.

About Christina

Christina Fernandes-D’Souza has over 15 years of global, cross-industry experience combining strategy, data, analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and technology, in both the private and public sectors, delivering business opportunities and competitive advantage. Currently, Director of Data Science at Three Arc Advisory, guiding startups, established companies and their Boards on how to drive positive business impact from analytics and AI while managing risk. Previously, as a Director of Data Science at Spencer Stuart, co-lead building a global Analytics Function, focusing on analytics product development and digital transformation. As a Senior Data Scientist at Zurich North America, lead various analytical and machine learning initiatives in several Lines of Business. She holds a Master’s in Applied Mathematics, with a concentration in Actuarial Science.

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