Hear from the 2018 Conference Fly-Ins

Last March, WIA sponsored 8 women to fly into Columbus, Ohio and attend the 2018 Women in Analytics Conference. Read on to learn more about them and their experiences at WIA.

Anne Hungate

How did you benefit from attending WIA 2018?

“Very glad I was able to attend the WIA Conference last year. A large part of my work is helping organizations use data and patterns to learn and drive operational improvements.  Attending the WIA Conference,  I had the chance to hear great speakers, connect with people from multiple industries, and learn how other teams have overcome challenges to make progress with analytics.  The hallway conversations were my favorite part because everyone was open with supportive ideas – looking forward to attending this event again!”

– Anne Hungate
President & Principal Consultant,
Daring Systems

What are you passionate about within the analytics space?

“Below is the mission statement of my freelance business. It’s what I have been passionate about within analytics for a few years now. For example, one of my clients is a non-profit helping low income folks get out of poverty, the Director of the Agency is female along with most of the senior staff.  I also supported women running for office in 2018 via custom dashboards built in Tableau using their demographic, campaign and voter data.

ART Dashboards was created to support meaningful work that ultimately contributes to structural changes within public and private institutions; thus, providing more diversity in leadership roles, and therefore, more diversity in thought, processes and human interaction on a societal level. Though data analytics is only a small part of this massive world-wide undertaking, the power of one new thought, even just a possibility, can transform someone and shatter circumstance. A-ha! moments are invaluable to furthering big ideas and generating needed human spirit for the tireless effort that it takes to provide a more equal, transparent and ethical worldwide business community inclusive of all who wish to engage.

Female-centric and minority-driven organizations are ideal partners for ART Dashboards. Our mission statement is global, far-reaching and highly macro, however all projects that align with furthering inclusivity are very much considered and appreciated. Small businesses fostering local communities are important to ART Dashboards, along with large-scale corporate and non-profit partnerships.”

– Angie Tarbet
Technical Designer,
ART Dashboards

Jameelah Young

What did you find unique about WIA?

“I loved that the Women in Analytics Conference was a conference about Analytics! As silly as that may sound, it was truly appreciated. Although safe spaces for women, minorities and other underrepresented populations in various industries are necessary, I’ve found that often times the discussions held in these spaces are more about belonging to the underrepresented population than topics of the industry itself. The WIA Conference stimulated me as a professional, and I got to meet a bunch of brilliant women (and men) along the way!”

– Jameelah Young
Data Engineer,


WIA Team

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